​During the war era, the ymca played an important role in caring for the troops - both prior to departure, and on the battlefields.  YMCA Staff serviced the diggers needs for recreation, postal services, and small comforts from home

​History Overview

The YMCA has been working in local communities across Australia since 1851 providing children's services, recreation, camping, youth services and community initiatives, events, training and accommodation. However, the humble beginnings of the YMCA started a long way from home, in old London town in 1844.

Stanthorpe YMCA - Our Story

The Centre's construction started mid 1984 and after months and months of 'back-breaking' labour the centre was finally erected and was branded the Stanthorpe Youth and Community Centre.

Centre doors opened to the public for the first time on Saturday 13th April 1985. It was officially opened by the Hon. Peter McKechnie MLA whom at the time was the Minister for Tourism, National Parks, Sport and the Arts and was also the Member for Carnarvon.

An Executive Committee was appointed for the running of the centre and the committee decided to follow in the YMCA movement. From there the Committee established the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Stanthorpe on the 28th February 1985.

The First Executive Committee consisted of:

Cr. C.M. Reeves (President) Cr. D. Halloran
 P.K. Power S.O. Sullivan
 W.E. Reilly F.D. Smith
 D.M. Mattiazzi N.P. Casey

J.D.T. McGrath

Today, the Executive Committee stands strong and has seen the centre through the up and down trends of the Health and Fitness Industry as well as the Sporting and Recreation Industry.

In 2009, for the first time, the Stanthorpe YMCA saw the Association acknowledge the continual efforts of two Committee members and wrote them into the history books as Life Members. Peter Grant and Peter Harslett were lost for words when presented with their Life Members which demonstrated that during the course of their many years of contribution they never expected recognition.

Then in 2012, the organisation inducted another Life Member, Rosey Harslett for her volunteering efforts and promotion of the YMCA as well as her long involvement within the organisation.

The Stanthorpe YMCA is continually evolving to meet the ever changing demands of its community to ensure the Association's success in the near and distant future.

The Current Executive Committee consists of: 
S. Tremellen (Chairperson) P. Grant (Director/Life Member)
R. Harslett (Vice Chairperson/ Life Member)J. Lutter (Director)
S. McEvoy (Executive Officer) P. Harslett (Director/Life Member)
D. Cuthbert (Treasurer)


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