​​​​​​​Group Fitness

Gym Circuit: Conducted in the gym, this is suitable for all beginners and for those that like to work at their own pace. If you've never been in the gym before or your looking for assistance whilst you work out then this is the class for you.

Step and Pump: Simple barbell training which tones and conditions muscles and increases metabolism for more effective fat burning. Fun and energetic.

Group Punch: Boxing workout without the sparring! Conducted indoors and outdoors using boxing pads, gloves and mats.

Cardio: As the name suggests it is a cardiovascular fitness focused class conducted on the hard court and outdoors if weather permits.

Toning: One hour indoor and outdoor session with exercise that utilises body weight, free weights, dumb bells, fitballs and mats.

Rageing Ageing: A variety of easy paced exercise sessions for the 'Rageing Ageing' and beginners group. Includes resistance routines for bone density and muscle strength.

Spin Bikes: Spin bike classes are a fun and motivating 45 minutes of invigorating lights and music. Held in the YMCA's spin bike dugeon the class will seem like only minutes while you shape abs, legs and behind in this high energy burning workout.

Weights & Balance:​ As we get older our bone density starts to decrease, making us weaker, making it hard to do things that we were once able to do. Weights & Balance is all about strength. It is a very effective way of strengthening our bone density, and to teach us co-ordination and balance.

It's never too late to start exercising!!!!!      Watch this space for exciting new programs.



​Monday6.00am$10.00SPIN  [Bookings Essential]
 ​9.00am$10.00GYM CIRCUIT 
 5.00pm$10.00TAI CHI


6.00pm$10.00SPIN  [Bookings Essential]

6.00am$10.00STRENGTH & TONING
Thursday6.00am$10.00SPIN  [Bookings Essential]
 9.30am$10.00TAI CHI
 6.00pm$10.00​SPIN  [Bookings Essential]
Friday6.00am$10.00GROUP PUNCH
 9.00am$10.00CROSS TRAINING
 10.00am$6.00RAGING AGEING
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